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At a very low capital cost, the ROI for Nanobubble Generators is fast, and has the potential to prevent thousands of dollars in wasted energy, maintenance and chemical costs within months of operation.

Customers experience

5-35% Savings

on costs associated with:

Heat Transfer Efficiency

Chemical Use

Equipment Maintenance

System Cleaning & Repair

Water Use

Sanitization (Legionella, Salmonella, COVID-19, etc.)

Increased Production

And ROI as quickly as

3 Month Payback

ApplicationInitial SavingsOther BenefitsROI
Domestic Hot Water $17,000 annual cleaning costsreduced energy costs, fewer maintenance calls, naturally softened water4 months
Process Water$16,000 annual cleaning costs
$10,500 annual chemical costs
increased production rates, reduced downtime, improved production quality, extended equipment life, reduced energy use3 months
Washdown Water$10,000 annual downtime and labor costssafer cleaning process, increased production time8 months
Rapid Water Technologies offers a range nanobubble generators designed to fit businesses and industries of all types. Contact us for pricing.

All models are constructed from 316 seamless stainless steel. A licensed mechanical contractor should install the generator. Installation and complete system design are available as an additional service. Purchase nanobubble generators below or contact us for a quote on full-service design and installation. 


Refer to the chart below for the model that best fits your application and Contact us for a quote.
ModelTypical Flow Rate (GPM)*LengthConnection SizeBody SizeApprox. Weight
H2O1X11-732.5"Threaded 3/4"1.5"6 lb
 H2O1X25-4035.5"Threaded 1"2"9 lb
 H2O2X315-11051.5"150 lb Flange 2"3"48 lb
 H2O3X425-22553" 150 lb Flange 3"4" 78 lb
 H2O4X650-55098.5"150 lb Flange 4"6"120 lb
 H2O6X8200-1150102"150 lb Flange 6"8"200 lb

*Based on a max 15 PSI drop

Rapid Water Technologies Nanobubble Generators are proudly made in the USA. Trained and certified welders build our products in an ASME Code Shop. Rapid Water Technologies stands behind its Nanobubble Generators with a full five-year warranty.

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