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Biofilm Growth May Be Wasting 20-30% Annually in Your Cooling Tower's Energy and Chemical Costs

Patent-pending nanobubble generators reduce maintenance costs and headaches caused by biofouling in open-loop cooling systems. This low-cost, zero-maintenance solution has a fast ROI.

Rapid Water Technologies’ can drastically change the performance of your cooling towers with its nanobubble generators: a simple, passive, static device that requires no maintenance, no electrical inputs, and no additives of any kind. Benefits for cooling towers and other devices in contact with the cooling water, such as heat exchangers, include:
  • Increasing heat transfer and energy efficiency
  • Reducing cleaning frequency
  • Mitigating biofilm and deposits
  • Eliminating odors caused by standing water
  • Lowering equipment maintenance costs
  • Extending equipment life
How does biofilm impact cooling towers?
Without proper treatment, layers of biofilm build wherever water runs through piping systems. Algae, a common organism in biolfilm, is especially problematic in cooling towers, where sunlight accelerates its growth. Even a small accumulation of biofilm growth has an insulating effect that reduces heat transfer and increases energy costs. The California Society for Healthcare Engineering reports that just 0.15 mm of biofilm -- smaller than the width of grain of salt -- can increase energy costs by 5.3% in cooling towers. At 0.9 mm, that figure jumps to 32.2% in increased energy costs.

Over time, unchecked buildup can also plug screens and filters in cooling towers, adversely affecting the flow of water and adding maintenance costs that average thousands of dollars for each cleaning.
How can biofilm be treated?
The use of chemicals, such as biocide, is a common solution for preventing and treating biofilm. With this option, costs for chemicals are ongoing, however, and chemical use can be problematic from an environmental standpoint. Downstream, the wastewater containing biocide requires further treatment when it enters municipal water systems. Rapid Water Technologies offers a natural solution for biofilm remediation with its patent-pending nanobubble generators.

What are Nanobubbles?
Rapid Water Technologies’ patent-pending generator enhances the natural characteristics of water by producing negatively charged Nanobubbles. Nanobubbles are nanoscopic (<200nm) bubbles of air or non-condensable gases suspended in liquid, and they carry remarkable properties with significant benefits. Nanobubbles are constantly moving in solution and can stay in suspension for weeks or months. This is known as Brownian Motion. The flow of nanobubbles helps destroy biofilm, removes existing deposits and disrupts future growth, leaving particulate to simply flow downstream for easy removal.  In instances where chemical use is still necessary, nanobubbles increase the chemicals’ efficacy, which significantly reduces their use and concentration in the water.

At a very low capital cost, the ROI for Nanobubble Generators is fast, and has the potential to prevent thousands of dollars in wasted energy, maintenance and chemical costs within months of operation.

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