Rapid Water Technologies

Run Heating Systems at Peak Efficiency with Nanobubble Generators

Our patent-pending, side-stream solution eliminates biofilm without adding chemicals and saves 8% or more on energy costs in heating systems.

How does biofilm impact heating systems? Without proper treatment, layers of biofilm build on the inside of heating systems. This biofilm layer has an insulating effect, reducing heat transfer and causing boilers to run for longer time periods and/or at increased temperatures in order to maintain desired comfort levels in a building. Reduced heating capacity and performance issues can also occur where biofilm is present.

Modern high-efficiency boiler systems can provide heat to a building at up to 96% efficiency -- if they are free from biofilm. Even in well-maintained systems, the presence of biofilm can go undetected. An unseen layer of biofilm just 4 microns (0.00016”) thick will reduce this efficiency to 88% or lower. In other words, heating costs from this imperceptible level of biofilm can increase by 8% or more. And in today’s high-efficiency, lower temperature boilers, biofilm can even become so problematic that the promised energy savings of these systems are eliminated all together.

What are Nanobubbles? Rapid Water Technologies’ patent-pending generator enhances the natural characteristics of water by producing negatively charged Nanobubbles. Nanobubbles are nanoscopic (<200nm) bubbles of air or non-condensable gases suspended in liquid, and they carry remarkable properties with significant benefits. Nanobubbles are constantly moving in solution and can stay in suspension for weeks or months. This is known as Brownian Motion. The flow of nanobubbles helps destroy biofilm, removes existing deposits and disrupts future growth, leaving particulate to simply flow downstream for easy removal. The presence of nanobubbles essentially provides like-new heating system performance.
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