Rapid Water Technologies

Nanobubbles Increase Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Turf, Ponds

In partnership with NanoOxygen Systems, Rapid Water Technologies delivers healthier ponds and turf with lower maintenance costs

Ponds and Golf Courses

By incorporating nanobubble technology into irrigation water, maintenance teams can improve overall turf health. How? Nanobubbles increase dissolved oxygen levels, delivering up to 20+ ppm to the soil. There, it maintains aerobic conditions for nutrient uptake, elimination of disease and improved soil health. Benefits include:

  • Increased root biomass, up to 300%
  • Removal of harmful pathogens
  • Reduced fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide use
  • Improved respiration and overall plant health
  • Improved uptake and translocation of nutrients
  • Increased stress tolerance and reduced disease

In ponds and lakes, water is pumped into our system where it is injected with nanobubbles and then returned to body of water. The nanobubble-infused water has increased dissolved oxygen levels, creating the following benefits:

  • Increased aerobic activity in beneficial microorganisms on consume sludge on the lake bottom. This reduces sediment levels and the need for dredging.
  • Reduced phosphorus and nitrogen levels through nutrient conversion, which in turn, reduces weed and algae growth.
  • Healthier fish populations, due to increases in populations of the aquatic larvae and insects that make up their diets.
  • Reduced odor following a decrease in anaerobic and pathogenic microorganisms that produce volatile acids and foul smelling gases.

The University of Georgia is studying additional benefits of nanobubble technology on soil health and turfgrass, including reduced water use, shoot growth and root growth.
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